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Commercial Production

a few words about MatchPoint the UFO commercial partner company

MatchPoint is a full-service production company located in Sofia, Bulgaria, specializing in the production of commercials, music videos, & online content.

Our founders have backgrounds in advertising, music video, special effects, and feature film production, bringing MatchPoint’s projects a blend of creative and practical production knowledge.

Valeria Stoykova graduated with her Master's Degree at The Film Academy of Sofia. From there, Valeria was involved in over 30 International feature productions until she moved into commercial production in 2009. There she worked for some of the largest local and international clients. Being both a producer and the head of advertising in some of the leading production companies in Bulgaria, she garnered rich experience in film making and advertising, producing more than160 commercials before founding MatchPoint in 2014.

American-born producer/director Phillip Roth began his career in 1985. He has since produced more than 90 feature films in the United States and Bulgaria, for companies such as Sony, 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate and Universal. Roth founded his own studio and production company in Sofia in 2001, complimenting his Los Angeles studio operations. Presently, he splits his time between his home in Sofia and the company's Los Angeles operations.

Managing Member: Mr. Jeff Beach Previously to the partnership, established Royal Oaks (an International sales company later named Franchise) as one of the premiere independent production and distribution companies in the 90’s. From 1991 to 1993, Mr. Beach was Vice President of International Distribution for Green Communications, Inc. where in addition to international sales he produced a number of feature films. Prior to Green Communications, Mr. Beach headed distribution at Action International Pictures (AIP) where he forged many of the international relationships that the UFO enjoys today. Mr. Beach holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Telecommunications with an Associate Degree in Film, both from San Diego State University.

Milo Braynov holds master degrees in Psychology and Business Administration. He started his career as part of the creative team at McCann Eriksson division in Sofia. He further developed his expertise as a production manager on some of Bulgaria's biggest hit TV series. Braynov's financial and operational development skills are the force behind MatchPoint's new business development operations.

The long-standing collaboration between these partners and their shared interests in creating a high quality- cost effective production service company lead to the creation of MatchPoint productions in the summer of 2014.





UFO camera rental services carries wide range of cameras digital and film; Digital Cameras include  Red Dragon, Red Epic, Red MX, Black Magic and other. Film cameras include; Arri-Cam Lite, Arri 235 along with BL-4’s, Arri 3’s, Arri 2’s

In addition UFO camera carries the Ultra Prime & the Elite lens packages as well as numerous other Zeiss lens packages and various heads.

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UFO has one of the few full service Steadicam rentals in Eastern Europe, owning a MK-V Nexus and Pro Arm - Chrosziel Sled Steadicam packages along with a number of more cost effective older Steadicam packages- all available for rent - with or without operators. In addition UFO has contacts with some of the best Steadicam operators in Europe and the United States.

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UFO rentals carry full sound recording packages for field and studio. These packages include the newest Fostex and Sound Devices Hard Drive recorders and a full compliment of radio mikes, mix boards and booms.

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Grip and lighting

UFO has full grip and lighting packages which includes dollies, cranes, Hot Heads, grip equipment and process car trailers. Our lighting packages include a complete range of HMI’s, Tungsten, Keno-Flows and Lightning Strikes lights. Our grip packages include Blue Screens, Green Screens, including the new Lite Ring® and Chromatte screen and a wide assortment of other western grip and lighting equipment previously not available in Eastern Europe.

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Editing/HD on-line suite

The Edit Suite is a full on-line Final Cut Pro HD system with full surround sound system and fully automated mixing board, Dual 30” HD Monitors, 42” Plasma monitor for easy viewing and a luxury to make you edit experience comfortable or your viewing dailies a relaxing experience after a hard day of production.

Editing and Sound Equipment: Quad Power Mac, 8 GB Ram, 8Tb Server, FCP Studio, Black Magic Card AJA/HD/SDI Converter, Two Apple 30” HD LCD Displays, Graphire Bluetooth Pen/ Tablet, Contour Shuttle Control 2, M-Audio Axion 49 Advanced MIDI Controller, Digi 002 Fire Wire Audio Device.

Video Equipment: Sony/ HDW-F500- HDCAM Studio VTR w/24P and 60i Compatibility with HKDV-501A/ HD-SD Board, HKDV-506A/ SDTI Dubbing Data Board, HKDV-507/507D-HD Pulldown w/ telefile and Audio Data kit. DVC Cam Player/ Recorder, Beta SP NTSC, VHS NTSC and PAL and Sony DVD Burner Zone 1 and 2.

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The Boyana Laboratory has a long history beginning in the 1950’s when the Bulgarian Film Community was producing as many as 50 feature films a year.

Today with the privatization of Boyana, the Lab is now run separately by Kodak. To date, the lab has processed and video work-printed 100’s of features for U.S. and European Productions. They have also done lab work for many commercial and local productions on an ongoing basis. With over 38 years’ experience, many producers have said that the work at the Boyana Lab is equal to Los Angeles, New York or UK Labs. UFO also has personnel with over 30 years of lab experience on-staff that supervises at the lab during production to provide immediate negative reports and updates. In addition, the telecine operation is capable of delivering HD source masters to address film productions that want to do a direct HD finish at mastering prices well below US and Western European costs.

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Eastern Europe has a long history of production. During the peak of government-backed filmmaking, Bulgaria was producing as many as 50 features a year. In a country with a total population of less than 7.5 million that is over 10 times as many feature productions per capita than the United States. This has contributed to a very deep well-trained crew base. UFO on most of its productions are using all local keys including First AD’s, Sound Recorder, 2nd Unit DP’s and Production designers. Most local crew members have had 15 or more years experience working on western productions, speaking English, Italian, Spanish and German along with understanding western production customs and operations including SAG and DGA rules, penalties and regulations.

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With Bulgaria’s long history of production there is a large professional actor and stuntmen base in the country. In addition, there are numerous stunt coordinators with talented stunt teams working at rates less than quarter that of their western counterparts. With the many productions over the last 10 years, a large contingent of local American and British actors has also developed to compliment the local actors.

Most shows take advantage of the very talented British actors cast out of London. Less than a 3 hour flight away these actor are able to augment many of the roles which would normally be cast out of Los Angeles or New York.

Large groups of experienced extra talent are widely available at costs over 80% below western costs. In addition to local extras there is a wide range of ethnic groups from Asian to Indian to African American are available.

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