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The Boyana Laboratory has a long history beginning in the 1950’s when the Bulgarian Film Community was producing as many as 50 feature films a year.

Today with the privatization of Boyana, the Lab is now run separately by Kodak. To date, the lab has processed and video work-printed 100’s of features for U.S. and European Productions. They have also done lab work for many commercial and local productions on an ongoing basis. With over 38 years’ experience, many producers have said that the work at the Boyana Lab is equal to Los Angeles, New York or UK Labs. UFO also has personnel with over 30 years of lab experience on-staff that supervises at the lab during production to provide immediate negative reports and updates. In addition, the telecine operation is capable of delivering HD source masters to address film productions that want to do a direct HD finish at mastering prices well below US and Western European costs.